Mozilla sets its sights on India, Indonesia with $25 Firefox OS phone

I really want this one guys and I hope you too. Aiming a low cost smartphones is really a good approach but the question is would it work a good as we hope or would just be a weaker one like micromax.


Hoping to tap into the large population that hasn’t yet made the move from feature to smartphone, Mozilla is aiming to bring a $25 phone to India and Indonesia. The company doesn’t actually make hardware but instead has been working on its Firefox OS software to power low-cost phones. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, Mozilla COO Gong Li said the phones could be available this year.

Firefox OS Smartphoen

Phones running the Firefox OS are already available from carriers in Latin America and Europe but are priced higher. You can, for example, purchase a Firefox OS phone from ZTE on eBay for between $70 and $100. At $25 off-contract, the Mozilla-powered phones would cost similar to or not much more than a standard feature phone while providing some smartphone features. And by “some,” I mean the basics.

Unlike other mobile operating systems that focus on native apps, the Firefox OS…

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