Motivation to Success.


Well friends today I’m gonna ask you that do you think what you are doing is right ? And if you do then do you think that how you are doing it is better than the others?

Well there are two stages at every moment of life.
1. Decide.2. Face the consequences – Good or Bad.
And the third one which we usually ignore is that
3. Don’t regret.

We decide what we want. Then our act has two resulting characteristics – Good and Bad. If you think you have done the right thing then you are positive for all the consequences to be faced. But if you think that what you have done is better than what others have then weigh your acts first and then decide. If you blindly decide that you are the superior one then you are usually wrong. You are just developing an egotist type of nature. But If you weigh your acts properly and then judge them then and only then you can conclude in the best way.
Now when you eventually conclude that you are the inferior one but you have done the right thing then just remember one thing

Winners don’t do different things.They do things Differently.
-Shiv Khera

But remember my friends that this doesn’t remove the scope of improvisations in you work.

Now the bad part is that when people regret on their work when they don’t succeed. Fellas, it’s of no use to regret over your actions. Just move on. When you regret will your action succeed? No, never. So just move on take that failure as the motivation for your next journey.
Hope You all think about it and reach the path of glory.
For as I always say :-

“Trying Improves a man, Succeeding proves the man.”
-Gagan Singhal.

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