Accessing internet on Android from your PC using a WI – FI cable :P

Suppose you are out on an outdated desktop where u cannot access WI-FI . Thus , it would be a problem for you to access internet urgently on your mobile . However , no longer , with the technique of Reverse Tethering using which internet can be accessed on Android using a USB cable . To begin with , lets become familiar with the term Reverse Tethering and then , a few simple steps to get through the technique…

Introduction :-

Reverse Tethering is a simple technique to access internet on your Android smartphone using a USB cable . It may be useful in case when your smartphone doesn’t have a mobile data plan or in case of establishing a more secure connection than any other WI-FI systems.

Steps to perform Reverse Tethering :-

*  Enable USB debugging on your Android phone by going into Settings>Application>Development>USB Debugging .

*  Make sure that your device is rooted to the computer .

*  Install USB Tunnel on your Android phone which can be downloaded from the android market (Google Play) .

*  Install the host on your computer which would help you in accessing the technique (for eg. Android reverse tethering 3.0)

*  Double click the host to run it . A dialog box will appear .

*  Under ‘select a device’, you’ll probably see one listing only, which is your Android device. If there are more, you need to go the trial and error way .

*  Now click on ‘Connect” and you are on .

Enjoy Tethering now… 🙂


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