Creating an invisible folder :P

Have you ever seen an invisible folder. OH YEAh you can’t see anything which is invisible 😛 . But you can learn to make one. By following the given steps you can create one for your own : –

  1. Go to any desired folder where you want to create the invisible folder.
  2. Right click your mouse button and hover your mouse over the new button and then select the folder option to create a folder.
  3. Then click on your newly created folder and right click your mouse button and select properties option.
  4. Then a dialog box will pop up and then select the customize tab on the top right corner.
  5.  Then click on the change icon button present there.
  6. Then select the icon which is not visible that is you just see the white plane.
  7. Apply the changes and then close the properties dialog box.
  8. Then go to start menu and hover your mouse over the all programs option and then on system tools.
  9. From the system tools option select character map.
  10.  You will see a dialog box in front of you.
    In that you will see a list of characters.
  11. In the fifth line you will see a box with no icon select it and then copy it.
  12. Close the dialog box. Then select the new folder which you created earlier and rename it. While doing so paste the thing you copied and here you are done with it.
    Enjoy with your invisible folder now 😉 .

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