Squaring of even nos. made easy

Try squaring a 3 digit even no or a 4 digit even no. mentally. Oh yeah it’s hard. But what if we make it easy. What if for squaring a 3 digit no. you just need to multiply a 3 digit no with a two digit. Yeah! it would be far more easy. By following the given steps you can easily do so. Here you go : –

  1. Choose a no.
    Say 124.
  2. Divide the no by 2.
    Thus 124 / 2 = 62
  3. Multiply the original no by the quotient you got.
    Thus 124 * 62 = 7688
  4. Now the final step is to multiply the product by 2.
    Thus the desired answer is 7688 * 2 = 15376Enjoy your squaring guys 🙂 😀

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