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Hello Mr./Mrs./Miss visitor. You are right now on the brisk of creativity. This blog helps you find some really innovative ideas of using and doing things. Aren’t you creative? Oh yes you sure are. Everyone is. There is not a single person in this universe who doesn’t have some creativity in him/her. Well more or less you are one of them. But you are more or less unique too in your way. So my friend- ‘Rishabh Shekhar’ and I-‘Gagan Singhal’ has created this blog only for people like you who seek innovation, who seek creativity and promote imagination.

First of all let us talk about the title of this blog which also is a part of our creativity. This title consists of the letters of our names-”Gagan and Rishabh” forming the single word “Griashan” which also rhymes with “Creation”.

Today, nothing is impossible. The possibility of creativity is beyond the verge of imagination. We can do everything with anything, even with a bit of paper. Creativity keeps our minds active and keep everyone else in an expression of “Wow! Great!” . My friend and I have tried their best to give you the best of our creativity. We deal not only with materialistic things but also with subjects like Maths and Computer too.

So my friend, surf this site as if it’s all yours and if you have anything creative to tell us please contact us at rishabhgagan24@gmail.com.

Your choice is our priority. So if you want any suggestion or share anything creative just don’t hesitate to contact us.

Never forget that we all have that innovation hidden inside us. So keep exploring.

Thank You !

Please leave a comment if you like it.

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An inspiring blog for minds seeking creativity


An inspiring blog for minds seeking creativity


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